Annual Maintenance

Our annual service for mechanical clocks is extremely comprehenisve and reassuringly affordable. This is what is included in our standard annual maintenance contract:

A report will be sent out with the service invoice listing all work carried out and highlighting any problems found during the visit.

Service Contracts

Our one year service contract for a time syncronous movement starts from just £120 per year. Three year service contracts (paid annually) are offered and include a 15% discount.

Prices for striking clocks and those with westminster chimes are charged at a slightly higher rate due to the increased work involved.

Call Out Charges

All exsisting and new customers may be subject to a £45 call out fee depending on the nature of the problem.

If the breakdown is due to a power cut or manual error on the customer's behalf then the visit is chargeable. If the breakdown is due to wear and tear and needs additional work carried out in the work shop then there will be no call out fee.

If you would like anymore information about our annual service please contact us.